Dan Pauly’s Fantastic Tiny Rustic Cabin

stunning rustic cabin like in a fairy tale

This is one of the amazing cabins that Dan Pauly built at his home in Minnesota. These cabins are old 1800s barns built by his great-grandfather in the past. As a fourth generation carpenter Pauly adds imagination to his own work. an imaginative fairy tale novel, the old barns are transformed into fantastic cabins. You seem to see a village like in the movie lord of the ring. Wooden roofs with distinctive chimneys that will make you fall in love with its charm immediately.

enchanting little cabin

amazing rustic cabin

Not just one but there are many amazing cabins, and your imagination will fly to fairyland. You will say, I want to own one of them, and feel the warmth of living in it.

amazing rustic hut

fantastic log cabin`

small rustic log cabin

rustic tiny cabin

amazing fantasy cabin

wonderful log cabin

inspiring rustic log cabin

rustic log cabin charm

You will feel at home for a long time in this log cabin

amazing place

The interiors are nothing short of stunning, all offering warmth no matter the season.

The photos below may look like a fantasy novel, but this rustic log cabin is very real.

best log cabin

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