DIY Crafts: Making a Decorative Lights from a Plastic Spoons

Do you want to have a cool decorative lamp at home on an affordable budget? Calm down friends, there are creative ideas that are definitely interesting to try. This is a DIY craft that you need to do at home, and the results will make you satisfied. Let’s prepare the materials before starting.

Materials that must be prepared : 
  •  Light
  •  Green paper
  •  Cutter knife
  • Plastic bottle (mineral water bottle)
  • Paint yellow
  • Plastic spoon
  • Hot glue gun
All of these materials are very easy to get, mostly consisting of used goods that you can collect the rest of your daily needs. If you are ready with all the ingredients let’s start step by step.
Step 1
Collect the plastic spoons that you have prepared, all the size of the spoons should be the same. Do not let you collect plastic spoons of different sizes, because that will make the job difficult.
Step 2
Cut a plastic spoon using a cutter knife, you only need the head of the spoon.
Step 3
If all the plastic spoons have been cut off, now you can paint them yellow and wait for them to dry completely.
Step 4
Prepare a plastic bottle, cut the bottom of the bottle and the top of the bottle so that both sides are open.
Step 5
Glue the plastic spoon that has been given the color to the surface of the plastic bottle using hot glue. Start sticking from the bottom of the plastic bottle, stick it around the plastic bottle when it is full, continue until it reaches the top of the bottle.

Do it repeatedly until all surfaces of the plastic bottle are covered with a spoon.
Step 6
After you have finished attaching the plastic spoon to the bottle, it is time to cut the paper. Make a prickly star pattern using the green paper that has been prepared, don’t forget to make a hole in the middle.
Step 7
Glue the prickly star to the top of the bottle that has been decorated using a plastic spoon. Fold the thorns down, being careful to fold them as too hard the paper can tear.
Step 8
Once you have finished gluing the prickly star correctly, it is time to put the leaves on top. Make some leaf shapes using green paper, put them in the hole of the bottle and paste.
Make it look like a real pineapple.
If all the steps have been passed correctly it is time to see the final results.
Now you can decorate your house with cool lights, and show it off to your friends.

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