DIY ideas: Inspirational Decorative Lights from a Plastic Spoon

In the previous article I discussed the steps for making decorative lights using a plastic spoon. If you haven’t listened yet, I suggest reading it first. Because I will share ideas for fungky decorative lights that can be used as DIY inspiration, and all use plastic spoons Without further ado let’s take a look at these inspiring DIY creations below.

You can start with simple things, sticking is an easy job. It just takes precision and everyone has it.

You can get this pretty lamp by collecting plastic spoons. Because the decoration is made of several cut plastic spoons. This lamp is not from the shop you see from the ad, it is a diy lamp.

The creative lamp below is made of a plastic spoon glued to the surface of a plastic bottle. I’ve written a tutorial on how to make it. I can add other ideas if you want to make more creative creations.

Plastic spoons can also be used as a decoration for ceiling lights. All you need is a few plastic spoons and stick them around the light fittings. Now you have a decorative light like in a discotheque.

If you are tired of the old bedroom lampshade, try this creative idea. Replace it with a new, cooler idea at a low cost. Because all you need is a plastic spoon. Use a pvc pipe for the lid, and decorate it with a plastic spoon.

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