DIY Trendy Table Lamp Made of Used Cans and Wood

This time you will see creative ideas from recycled materials that are converted into table lamps. Using the main material used cans and wood you can make trendy table lamps. Lights that can be adjusted in height according to the need for lighting on the table, can also be used as room decorations. Let’s see what ingredients need to be prepared:

Used cans, wood, cables, and lamp pitting are the main ingredients needed to make lamps. Materials that are very easy to obtain, especially used cans. These materials can easily be obtained without having to pay extra money.

materials needed to make can lamps

The wood is connected using nuts and bolts in order to make it easy to bend.

DIY lamp made from recycled cans, the lamp body is connected using nuts and bolts

the idea of turning used tins into trendy lamps to light up the table.

Ideas that can be applied to make the tin look attractive besides painting it. Add a part of your favorite comic story, or draw a favorite character.

a tin table lamp wrapped in comic strips is a creative idea to try.

Cans can also be used as decorative lights, a simple idea that you can try for lighting decorations. The position of the lights facing down will not give meaning to the room, this idea can also be used for a light sleeper.

decorative lamp ideas from cans that can be made by hand.

Used tins can also make the walls more attractive at night. By attaching three cans to wood, DIY lighting decorations make the room more trendy.

decorative lights attached to the wall, cans can change the walls of your home more attractive.

To make a spotlight, a can can also be done. The can is secured to the wood using nuts and bolts and can be turned.

spotlights from used tins, diy lighting decoration ideas.

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