From a Modified Warehouse to a Functional Workspace

This small warehouse located in Belgian Flanders has been transformed into a very inspiring workspace. The building was previously an abandoned stable and warehouse. The front of the warehouse did not undergo any changes, several openings were made for the sunlight entrance. Farris has done a great job updating the interior of the warehouse, and converted it into an workspace . A room consisting of a meeting room and library.

From the outside the warehouse building is still intact, has not changed much.

A slight change was made to one of the outer sides, by making the door opening as access to the meeting room. The glass door makes it easy for natural light to enter, the light steel frame is synonymous with offices. If you look closely, the impression of a used warehouse will disappear instantly.

Looking inside the warehouse which has been transformed into a functional workspace consisting of an arrangement of wooden beams. The logs are arranged upwards, there is a ladder to go up to the top. And that’s where the work space is built.

Wooden beams are well structured as a solid support.

The arrangement of wooden beams to the work space.


Wooden blocks are also used as bookshelves, on each blank side of the wooden blocks are lined up with books.

Every corner of the void is well filled for more functional use. Bookshelf ideas are a smart idea and very effective.

This is the top the beam is accommodated as a table, there is a drawer underneath for storage. In front there are two windows that serve as natural light and a view to the outside world.

There is also a roof window with the same function, so this room will not be dark. This room is really comfortable considering its function as an office.

We look at the bottom of the workspace, where the wooden beams are stacked.

The meeting room is under the platform, and simple furniture in the form of tables and chairs that does not spoil the simplicity. In this room also functions as a library, using the gaps between the wooden beams as bookshelves.

Large windows are located right in the meeting room, providing access to outside views of the rural landscape.

This project was done by studio architect Farris, and was given the title stable in west flanders.This project is very inspiring, where a former warehouse building has been converted into a functional workspace. I was really inspired by this work, and the results were amazing.

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