Kids Wardrobe Designs by Peter Bristol

Kids wardrobes are generally cheerful in color with cartoony decorations, in terms of shape not much different from adult ones. Of course they will like it, but the problem is that they find it difficult to organize their things. And you parents don’t want to be too fussy about this matter.

Peter Bristol designs kids clothing that makes it easy for them to organize things properly. The Training Dresser is more than one audience, with informative drawers making it easier for kids to understand where their belongings should be stored.

Peter Bristol designed a child's wardrobe to make it easier for them to organize things

kids wardrobe design

Has a size of 37 “x 18″ x 2 9”, using PDF materials assembled using screws, staples, pins, and glue with conversion varnish finishing.

smart wardrobe designs for girls

smart wardrobe designs for boys

Now kids will never have trouble placing their belongings.

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