Merry Christmas Card Designs for 2021

I know people are very busy preparing for Christmas this year, so many lists to spend. From decorations, food, gifts and lots of great winter vacation plans. And I’m sure of course you won’t forget the Christmas cards, I think Finding a greeting card design that fits your Christmas traditions is invaluable in a notebook.
For the special people in your life, they deserve a Christmas greeting that will add warmth. This year I received a lot of Christmas card designs, and all of them almost left me confused. There are tens to hundreds to choose from, maybe you feel the same way. But I have decided on some of the best greeting cards as well as many to choose from. So I am going to share with you the best christmas greeting card designs of 2021.

Greeting Card Design with Christmas Light Bulb

black background gold light bulb Christmas greeting card design

A Christmas card with a black background and gold light bulb ornaments, really the right choice. Describes a dignified, elegant, and generous personality.


Simple white background Christmas card

If you are a simple and practical person, this design is suitable to represent your character. White background represents purity and simplicity, red represents bold and assertive. Maybe this is what you are looking for, you can add some words that reflect yourself.


If you are looking for the best Christmas card designs this is the one for you


blue predominant christmas greeting card


very sweet christmas greeting card

What gifts did you prepare, a Christmas surprise that you wrapped well. Don’t forget to tuck in a Christmas greeting card with a picture of the gift, hmm…. that’s a great idea you should work on.


free download 2021 christmas greeting card design


pink christmas greeting card

You can try a new design this year, pink on a black background is a great inspiration for a Christmas greeting card.


free 2021 christmas greeting card design


clear and real picture christmas greeting card design

For a formal greeting card, a more real picture makes sense. Office friends, business relations, designs like the picture above are very suitable and I recommend.


Garland Christmas Card Design

Below are some interesting inspirations for Christmas greeting cards with flower bouquets. You can make the right choice for this year’s celebration. The cool green color will certainly make an impression on the hearts of loved ones.

christmas e-cards green wreath


green christmas card wreath


christmas and new year card wreath


christmas card design and prayer greetings


beautiful flower christmas card design

Dark background is also not a bad choice, you can design a greeting card in an elegant style. Choose according to your style, and make a great Christmas this year.


elegant christmas card on dark background


gray elegant christmas card design


dark color christmas card design

There is a picture of a postcard on the Christmas card design above, there are many words that have been summed up to express the feeling of that special day. Write them all down and tuck them into a Christmas card, if you have such a tradition, this design idea is perfect.


Cute Cartoon Christmas Card Design

I’m sure you won’t forget this one, a cute and adorable illustrated Christmas card. For kids?, sure, but it’s possible that adults really like it.

cute christmas card snowman waving his hand


cartoon snowman green color christmas card


cartoon snowman christmas card inside the ball light

The snowman above is very adorable, isn’t it?, use it for the cover of a Christmas greeting card. Write sweet words for the people you care about, I’m sure all will add warmth.Oh yeah…don’t miss the character that children always look forward to at the end of the year, ho ho ho….


christmas cartoon santa and his train


Santa and his friends christmas cards


cute christmas card ideas and sweet sayings


cartoon santa christmas greeting card ideas


christmas greeting card ideas


cute and adorable christmas greeting card ideas 2021


You can try combining the styles of children and adults, the gray wood background is more flexible to be used as inspiration for Christmas card designs.

christmas greeting card design ideas


Or just a picture of a deer antler logo and a santa hat, there are lots of ideas you can work on.

reindeer logo christmas greeting card design ideas

I really hope you find the best design ideas for christmas celebrations. Hope you are inspired, don’t forget to check out other christmas ideas : thanks and greetings.

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