Natural Wooden Fence with a Very Seductive Appearance

Wooden fences are indeed more beautiful than iron or concrete fences, their charm is irreplaceable. Wooden fences make the house look natural and artistic and the process is relatively fast when compared to other types of fences. This is the reason that drives many people to choose a wooden fence as a natural beauty of the outside of the house.

If you are one of those people who crave a picket fence for your home, I have an idea for a wooden fence that is completely natural. I say so because the fence is left plain without getting much change. And this idea is perfect for those of you who like a natural style or rustic style. Regardless of its purpose, for decoration or for privacy. These wooden fence ideas with a natural and warm look will really inspire you.

Listen carefully to the reviews below :

Fence with Wood Cut Decoration

You can start with a simple idea, such as a fence in general, rectangular wooden beams arranged in a row. Add a whole piece of wood that is cut into pieces, attach to the fence as decoration. Country style is very attached to this fence, and not a difficult job to build. Simple but enough to change the appearance of the fence to look attractive, you can apply this idea to decorating your home fence.

The Natural Charm of Picket Fence

If privacy is not a major concern, picket fences are perfect for adding to your front yard. They have curb appeal and are an integral part of American culture. Picket fences generally consist of wooden slats that are placed on two rails evenly. This offers convenience, you don’t need to have trouble cutting wood to the same size. Timber of various sizes is left and arranged vertically, and the result is this picket fence still displays a dazzling natural beauty.

Board on Board Fence with Natural Look

Maybe you prefer a completely natural look, it can be realized. If you find the wood is still intact, in the sense that the wood is still not completely flat. Just leave it natural, you can make a charming fence with it. A fence with natural wood arranged horizontally is one of the best ideas for a natural and charming look of your home. See how this fence will inspire you.

Japanese Style Weaving

Woven wooden fences are widely used as home decoration or privacy, but what I offer is different in the use of frames. Each woven is divided into several frames with wooden ornaments crossing on it. This fence resembles a bamboo fence in Japanese houses.

The Citadel of Privacy

If your goal is to build privacy or security then a fort fence is the right idea. You can still accentuate the natural feel of the fence using wood. And if that’s your thing, let’s take a look at a wooden fence with a seductive natural rustic look.

To have your own privacy fence, you don’t need to bother. Look at the example of the wooden fence above, the wood hasn’t got a finishing touch.Even the posts are made of solid wood that stands firm. Take this fence and make your home warmer and more comfortable with natural security.

This fence also consists of wood that is left natural and arranged vertically. The upper part of the wood is cut into an arch and separated by poles. This wooden fence idea is no less interesting than other fences.

This is one of my favorite wood fences, the edges of the wood are left uneven but that is where the beauty values are. The wood is tied together, the natural brown color makes this fence idea truly enchanting. Are you captivated to have a fence like this at home.

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