Small Wooden Cabin with Innovative Features

Living in a cabin with a natural atmosphere and adequate facilities, maybe you dream of such a peaceful life. Belatchew Architects designed an amazing little cabin house called Steps. The wooden cabin is square in shape, has a roof terrace that can be used as a lounge or sunbathing room. It’s amazing the design of this tiny cabin, seeing the details of every corner of the cabin is practical and functional.
Let’s take a closer look at this very tempting tiny dwelling, and you’ll find everything you need right here.

Cabin Exterior Design

The cabin has aluminum doors with large sliding glass and windows, making the view inside the cabin feel spacious and loose. There are stairs to reach the terrace, you can enjoy the outdoor air and comfortable chairs.

tiny cabin housedream and comfortable

There is space to plant plants on the side of the stairs, an innovative idea that can function as a green room or hobby room. The boxes are arranged vertically, you can farm in the cabin house.

contemporary gardening ideas utilizing the stairwell

home gardening ideas

Safety features are not spared from the design, the stair railing is made of galvanized iron coated with powder coating and installed from the stairs to the terrace.galvanized iron stair railing

Storage Space

This is one of the http://smart ideas for storage under the stairs that was designed by Arkitekler . The staircase has a large hidden space and can be placed anywhere. It is like a small house and offers multiple features and is flexible to complete.
The sliding outdoor kitchen is hidden under the stairs, and is equipped with a sink.

under the stairs storage smart ideas

wooden kitchen sink

hidden kitchen under the stairs

In another corner there is a storage room for agricultural tools, such as hoes, shovels, rakes, water squeezing, and all gardening equipment has its own space.

garden tool storage ideas

It doesn’t stop there, the bench by the window also hides the storage space.

storage space

children's toy storage room in the cabin


The room is dominated by white, the ceiling, walls and floor blend into one color. Black accents give the impression of a firm line. The modern concept is felt when you enter, and the wide view will spoil the eyes.

small cabin house modern interior


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