Smart Storage Space in Modern Staircase Design with Artsy Look

If you dream of a staircase in a modern design style with an artsy look, this is not a coincidence. Because I also have the same desire, but my wish is that there is additional storage space on the stairs. Storage space that blends well, and not without reason because the stairs have meaning for interior harmony.

Stairs and storage are smart ideas that can be used to save a lot of space. The modern style has practical characteristics, the design of the stairs which also functions as storage space answers the needs of modern people. For those of you who live in apartments, the modern staircase design that I offer is perfect for filling room interior. Or you live in a small house, these stairs are very helpful. Modern design with an artful look, have a practical storage function, these staircase ideas will captivate the interior of your home.

staircase and storage rack ideas, you save two jobs at once.

You think it’s a right, but in reality it’s a ladder. The idea of a bookshelf under the stairs, with a simple and modern design. Baluster consists of rope tied up, a modern ladder idea.

Practical ladder in the form of a box arranged as storage.

stairs with a combination of modern and classic styles, classic style staircase design.

storage ideas that blend into the stairs

staircase with complete storage design, all space is well utilized.

Stairs that use all parts as storage space.

A ladder that uses a baluster as a shelf

This ladder uses a bulkhead which also functions as storage space.

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