Table Decoration with DIY Potted Plants

A stunning table doesn’t have to be filled with expensive decorations, unexpected objects and an old-fashioned look can be turned back into an eye-catching sight. I want to share how the table in your living room looks trendy, and indoor plants are an interesting idea to discuss. But if the plant is small, it needs the right container so it doesn’t seem wasted.The following DIY ideas will help you find the right decoration for your style.

1.Natural Diy

Bamboo, pieces of wood, coconut shells, very impressive these natural objects side by side with plants.

indoor plant pots made of bamboo

pieces of wood turned into pots

creative pot ideas from cut wood

diy pots of indoor plants for table decoration

the idea of ​​processing coconut shells into diy pots

DIY pot decoration from rattan basket

2.Jar Pot

One of the ancient ideas that you can still try, the jar is a practical place for plants. At an affordable cost you can start a DIY project for table decoration, and the results are up to you to judge for yourself.

creative ideas for table decoration plant pots

pot jar open old idea

diy decoration for banquet table

practical decoration dazzles the table

amazing decoration shrink window

3.Drinking Glass Pot

kitchen table view

plant pots using drinking glasses


diy pot and table decoration ideas

coffee cup turned into a pot

indoor plant pot ideas

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