The Idea of a Cozy Small Prayer Room at Home

A Muslim is obliged to have a prayer room at home and is something that cannot be negotiated. Muslims are required to pray five times a day within a specified time. Mushola is a major consideration and a space that must be a concern. Unlike the rooms in the house, mushola has its own characteristics.

Regardless of how big or small the size of the prayer room is, the prayer room must be a clean and tidy space. Keeping the prayer space clean is a mandatory job, for clean Muslims is part of the holy word. A Muslim is obliged to pray and prostrate in a holy place, because it is a one of the pillars of lawful prayer.

We have brought you several options for small prayer rooms that you can build at home. These spaces offer comfort and a solemn atmosphere when you prostrate. Let’s take a look at the best prayer room options below.

Prayer Room Ideas at Home

Building a special room for prayer requires proper planning, where this space can be accessed easily. You must also pay attention to interior design and decoration so that the prayer room you are planning is truly as expected. You can take several choices of this inspiring prayer room.

Small Prayer Room with Modern Interior

You can consider this idea, modern interiors and religious style in one beat. Dark brown domination is not a bad idea, a solemn atmosphere will still be maintained. Simple and elegant may be the main attraction for you.

Prayer Room Green Decoration

Incorporating green elements into the prayer room is not a forbidden idea. If you are a plant lover, don’t hesitate to include your favorite plant as a prayer room decoration.Make your prayer room really comfortable, because in that place you prostrate and read the qur’an.

Make Use of the Hallway

Many houses use the hallway for prayer places, with a little touch of decoration and calligraphy, the hallway can be transformed into a comfortable prayer room.

Prayer Room Divider

Separate the room using a divider, this method is very practical when you build a prayer room. There are clear boundaries with other rooms, this method has the purpose of maintaining privacy.

Prayer Place in the Corner of the Room

There is one very practical option when you want to build a place for prayer at home. Take advantage of an empty corner of the room, create a barrier with another room. You can spread a rug on the floor as a holy boundary for the place of prayer.Even though it sounds very simple the prayer room in the corner of the room is a comfortable practical idea.

Muslims believe that the place of prostration should be higher than others, you can add a plank or palette as a base.

Attic Prayer Room

The loft is one of those nice and warm spaces, turning it into a prayer room is a smart idea. Add simple decorations to make the attic a special space. Choosing the highest place in your house as a place of prostration is like the holy stories of the prophets and chosen servants. They surrendered themselves to God and prayed on high.




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