The Unique Design of The Trippy Stairs

Basically the stairs function as a link between the lower floors to the top with consideration of comfort and safety. Studio Atmos makes a different stair project, with a unique design and looks confusing. The stairs named trippy have a twisty and rotating design.This staircase makes the eye confused at first glance, curved lines connected between baluster and nosing. The trippy ladder concept is really amazing and very inspiring for those of you who want a different look. Let’s take a closer look at each section of the ladder.

This is the tread section of the stairs.

From the front of the stairs, it uses a pipe iron as a handrail.

From the narrow corner of the room, the stairs are built to connect the floors. Seen from the top, this staircase has narrow access.

If you look at it from the top corner of the stairs it is like rotating lines.

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