Chandelier Ideas to Add Elegance to The Room

Popular in the Middle Ages, chandeliers have become a symbol of luxury for those who have large houses. Over time, with the development of art and technology, chandeliers have undergone significant changes in terms of design. Abstract designs or a combination of several interesting materials have made hanging lamps a favorite decoration idea for many house owner.
It is undeniable that bringing a chandelier into the house is a useful decorating idea to add to the life of a room. Luxury and elegance fills the empty space of the ceiling and makes it stand out. Even though it is not the main lighting, the existence of a chandelier adds value to the interior with style any decoration.
If you’re planning to upgrade a room or are looking for additional decorating ideas, take a peek at the inspiration. Scroll down for great feedback.

Living Room Chandelier Decoration

The living room is a vital area and you should give the best decoration touches. By paying attention to the style of the interior of the room you can find the best inspiration for the chandelier you want to include.


 living room chandelier gold

Small room and low ceilings, maybe you are one of the owners of a living room with this style. A golden chandelier in the shape of a wheel and iron candles sticks around it, this can be used as the best decoration reference. The budget you must spend to bring this lamp into the living room $411.55.



 living room chandelier low ceiling

Retro vintage chandelier and classic 80’s style living room, a smart combination for the maximum masculine look.


 living room chandelier black

If you have maximally decorated the living room and you have poured lots of ideas, plants and decorative lights. There is an emptiness when your eyes look up and ask: what kind of chandelier can fill the void perfectly.
Simple classics and not much of a standout scene, black is even more perfect.


farmhouse living room chandelier gold

Gold color is always a favorite especially as a perfect addition to the decor.


modern and luxury living room chandelier

This living room is absolutely perfect and everything in it. Just imagine if the chandelier was thrown away, I personally see no perfect beauty. And sometimes that perfection is the addition of one small point.


small living room chandelier


scandinavian living room chandelier

Scandinavian style and minimalist gold chandeliers, perfect in a mostly white living room.


Dining Room Chandelier

There are several things that must be considered when you decide to hang a lamp in the dining room. One of them is the shape and size of the table and the architectural style of your home, then you can determine the design of the chandelier to your liking.This is a part of the lighting plan and gives a little sparkle to the dining table.


chandelier dining room

How much light do you need, using two chandeliers of the same design without many accessories inside. The open dining area will not be disturbed by the luxury of the ceiling.


modern chandelier dining room

The small round dining table can be adjusted with a chandelier to the size of a third of the table.Leave space so as not to disturb the view.


modern rustic chandelier

If your dining table is square, it is highly recommended to take an elongated chandelier. Adjust it to your home decor style, rustic or scandinavian style.


chandelier yuo will love

Still talking about a rectangular dining table with a different design style.


dining room chandelier decoration

Classic black design, the chandelier is matched with the color of the chairs and French windows in the white dining room.


diy rustic chandelier for dining room

DIY rustic chandelier and you can achieve the perfect lighting above the dining table.

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