Creative Ideas Making Stone to Beautify the Garden

Stone is a natural sight that without any touch still looks beautiful, wherever the stone stands. In the garden, many stones are found, and sometimes scattered around every side of the garden. And stone is the right natural material to start decorating the garden.

You can get started with this job easily, just start collecting rocks and pick up the interesting ideas below to take with you to the garden.

Rock Flower Garden

Often flowers are a symbol of beauty, even the most beautiful words of love are still not perfect without flowers. Likewise with a garden, no matter how beautiful a garden plot feels less than perfect without an element of stone in it. And if you want to include stones as part of the garden decoration, it Very precise. All you need are paints and brushes, and you can start your garden decorating work.

Collect the river stones and arrange them to resemble the shape of a flower that is blooming. Separate the round and long stones, to make it easier when starting to make flowers from river stones. Whatever color you like, brush it on the stone using a brush and don’t worry it looks ugly.If you are in doubt, you can use the pictures below as a reference.

welcome stone garden


garden decoration with flower-shaped river stones


garden decoration landscape


make stone flower


stone flower


flower garden made of stone


decorate tree


decorate tree ideas


stones for garden decoration


natural garden decoration


tingkatkan dekorasi taman


stone flower variety


The Best Rock Painting Inspiration for Garden Decoration Ideas

It feels less attractive if you leave stones in the garden looking plain without a touch of art. The garden you design will look colorful with unique and adorable pebble painting decorations. Choose a theme that matches the concept of the garden you are designing, and find creative ideas for painting pebbles .Start your art work and build a dream garden in your home.
rock fish

Rock Design in Garden

To complete the garden decoration to make it look perfect and invite the admiration of those close to you, add creative ideas for unique and amazing pebble designs. Gravel arranged to resemble ancient fossils or animal shapes, everything you want to beautify the garden..

rock fossil garden decoration


stone art


diy art in garden


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