Gorgeous Hallway Paints – 18 Hallway Color Ideas with a Variety of Patterns

Choosing a color is sometimes confusing, there are many interesting colors offered. When you go to a paint shop there are many colors in the catalog list. When you want to choose the right color for the hallway, the first thing you have to understand is the concept of aisle coloring, aisle design. , and its function. The hallway decoration ideas that you want to include, furniture, wall decorations, and also lighting models. After all the hallway concepts you want are listed in the list, you can determine the appropriate color to make the hallway look impressive.
I have summarized beautiful hallway color ideas with various patterns in this article to help you find the right decoration.

Smart Little Hallway

colorful hallway

amazing hallway

The dark blue door paint really stands out for a small hallway, when you are at the end of the door view is very disturbing. But the clever idea of this hallway is to block the ceiling with the same color, this really helps improve the image of beauty. Another interesting thing about this hallway is the concept colorful tiles that display the colors in the hallway. The furniture in the hallway seems to be neglected because the eye is deceived by the prominent blue color.


Clean and Beautiful Hallway

beautiful small hallway

The small beige hallway looks clean and tidy, the brown tiles are a great contrast to all the hallway colors. The presence of pastel color rugs minimizes the floor contrast that stands out. This hallway idea is very beautiful and impressive, you can bring it into your home.


Luxury Hallway

hallway brown accent

The hallway looks so luxurious with brown accents on the walls. The design of this hallway is actually simple, but the selection of the right brown color makes the hallway completely change like inside a palace. Natural wood furniture colors add to the special value of the hallway, a smart combination of beautiful hallway decorations.


luxurious hallway


Dark Blue Halway

blue hallway

Don’t hesitate to paint the hallway using dark colors, it doesn’t mean it will spoil the beauty of the interior. Dark colors can be used wisely, they will even look more prominent and it’s very special. The white ceiling reduces the darkness caused and the chandelier decorations look so prominent, and this is a very perfect view. The mirror is left leaning against the wall looks more masculine as if when decorating the hallway everything goes naturally.


Scandinavian Hallway Decoration

hallway ideas

Incorporating some Scandinavian elements into the hallway decoration can also be the right choice. If you want a small hallway to look impressive, enter a calm color and decorate it with scandinavian attributes.


Green Hallway

fresh color hallway

The green color feels fresher and more natural, but sometimes green can be boring and you have to be wise in including the decor elements. The rainbow colored carpet reduces the saturation created, the ceiling does not stand out, only simple lighting is displayed.


green paint small hallway


Narrow Hallway Decoration

small hallway

You can design narrow hallway decorating ideas using a very simple concept. White color is very easy to incorporate into any space, and all know white is very effective in eliminating the impression of narrowness in a room. Black is also not difficult to create contrast. For ceiling colors using black, you should choose lighting with a minimalist design.


Hallway Color Block

hallway paint color ideas

A practical idea that can be taken to make a small hallway look memorable is to make blocks of color to create a contrasting tone. The hallway looks not boring, by adding some small decorations on the walls you have amazing decorations to try.


smart color hallway

I have several experiences that I often encounter when visiting a residence. When I ask where is the toilet in the house?, the host shows me the way and one of them goes through the hallway. Boring and there’s a bit of confusion there.
Adding color blocks at the end of the hallway I think is a smart idea, not only as a step in decorating the hallway but also the right marker. The hallway looks rhythmic and not stiff, add a little lighting to make it more perfect.


Wall Mural

mural in the small hallway

Decorating the hallway with wall paintings is also one of the creative ideas, other ideas that you can choose besides painting it. Determine the theme of the painting, if the hallway is an access bedroom, especially children’s bedrooms, you can create an animal theme that they like. The hallway becomes a way interesting and beautiful to look at.


Modern Hallway Decoration

modern hallway style

Silver and gray are synonymous with modern colors, a futuristic, clean impression, characterizing these colors. Modern minimalist coat hooks adorn the hallway walls, they look very attractive apart from their function. The view above the ceiling is not so striking, just a row of ordinary light bulbs. However from here we see something interesting, the unity of color and the perfect shape of the hallway.


modern hallway on silver


Hallway Inspiration

Inspiration comes from places we never expect, sometimes it happens. When you are planning to renovate a hallway and are looking for the idea you want. The aisle below is a very inspirational idea for you.

hallway nature decoration

Decorate the walls of the hallway with tree branches that soar to the ceiling. The twigs are left natural, as if you were walking through the forest in the Harry Potter films. The twigs can also be used to hang coats.


amazing color hallway

This is the hallway of a dental clinic, an interesting view from this hallway, there are two very contrasting colors Orange and light brown. As well as the color and pattern of the carpet that fits perfectly with the design and color of the hallway. I really like the row of chandeliers that line the ceiling, and the placement of the dark brown color is very fitting to see.

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