Mantel Decorating with a TV Above it

The fireplace is a place that should be built as comfortable as possible with a good arrangement of the room. You spend a lot of relaxing time in front of the fireplace, sitting, reading, and lots of warm conversations there. Placing a Tv above the fireplace is indeed a great idea and also has its challenges. Several things need to be considered such as the furniture and what is around it. And you are figuring out how to decorate the fireplace mantle and how to get a good view with the Tv on it.

Fireplace mantel with Tv above


Farmhouse Mantel

Country house fireplace decor is full of warmth and the perfect setting. You have to look at cool fireplace ideas for the perfect inspiration, and one of these might be just what you’re looking for.

country house mantel


modern interior country house fireplace mantle


rustic fireplace farmhouse


fireplace mantle that can be purchased



wood fireplace mantle and tv on it


electric fireplace mantle and tv on it


fireplace room tv decoration


Modern Fireplace with Tv Above


modern interior tv and fireplace


itv on the fireplace in the dark blue room


fireplace mantle tv


fireplace mantle decoration tv board


Scandinavian Mantel Decor with Tv Above

White and all white, the Scandinavian interior is easy to spot. The fireplace mantle décor with the Tv on top and the signature embellishments amplify the Scandinavian décor.


tv over the fireplace


amazing fireplace decoration with tv above


hot topic decoration fireplace


how to decorate a fireplace


how to decorate the fireplace and tv above in scandinavian style


Mantel Fireplace with Plants

Decorating the house using ornamental plants is currently very popular. A green house gives a sense of comfort and is pleasing to the eye. It’s time to bring a little greenery to the fireplace, this will give a natural touch and you can enjoy it.

fireplace decoration with tv and plants


green scenery fireplace decoration ideas


perapian dramatis dengan tv di atas


fireplace plant and tv above


rustic fireplace with tv above in country house



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