Ultimate Fireplace Remodeling Before and After

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The fireplace is the focal point in the room, a good fireplace will evoke feelings. You will certainly feel comfortable sitting around having a conversation, reading, or enjoying a cup of hot coffee nearby.
This is a great time to renovate a fireplace, giving it a facelift at the start of the year is a fun idea. I’ll share some before and after fireplace remodeling ideas with you. Hope you get inspired to add a refreshing new color to the intimate spaces of your home.

Painting The Fireplace

The color of the fireplace brick looks dull and old-fashioned, a lot of dirt sticks and it’s commonplace. Repaint the bricks, use latex interior paint that is resistant to the heat of the fireplace.

fireplace brick renovation

Old bricks do look annoying, clean and brush gently with white if you want it to still look classic.


fireplace brick color ideas

Renewing the colors is a simple idea that you can do. It may seem trivial, but it actually improves the mood in front of the fireplace.


fireplace remodel

A little change sometimes makes everything reborn. If that’s what you’re after, gray is a safe choice.


Add Airstone

fireplace ideas

A small renovation without realizing it is enough to turn a fireplace like new. Think simple without destroying an already good looking fireplace.


fireplace mantel decor


Airstone transforms an old fireplace look like new, clean and modern.

Customize with Interior

As a favorite place in front of lounge chairs, the fireplace must look striking but not interfere with the unity of the interior of the room. Adjust the fireplace to the interior style you expect.

fireplace room renovation


fireplace room upgrade


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